February 13, 2011
By Anonymous

you asked me who i am,

and so i answer,

“i am anorexic”:

a skinny little bitch,

a crazy, immature, vain

little girl;

obsessed with looks,

striving for perfect beauty…

…or so they say.

but i know,

i am faintly aware of

who i am…

a mangled mind

ripped apart from

its malnourished, wrecked body

and brimming with


twisting from all the

lying hiding sneaking around,

the anorexic:

the master of deceit,

the thief of trust,

the magician of deception,

an artist skilled in painting careful

pretty little lies.


looking in the mirror,

seeing the bones popping out…


turning around and around and around

in this crazy carousel nightmare,

refusing to believe;

deny, deny, deny that

this is me…

…i am anorexic.

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