Count To Three

January 27, 2011
I never thought that when I met you
There would have been this many memories
All the stuff that happened between us is just completely gone now
Do you care anymore?
You make me feel like I never did anything right between us
And you make it seem that just because you found new love that nothing else matters
Well guess what?
I still matter
You said I'll always be in your heart
But I guess that was a lie too
The three years and counting that weve been together
And the crying over the stupid stuff
Well I'm done crying over you
I'm wasting my tears on someone who dosent learn
So all I can say now is scr** you, and everything weve been through
And I mean what I say
So don't take it as a joke
So please don't make this hard on me.
On the count of three say goodbye
Two and a Half....

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