3 statements of questionable accuracy

February 7, 2011
By Anonymous

1. i said it out loud to myself
for the first time today:
“i love you.”
it’s pathetic, right?
completely pathetic.
but last friday,
you asked me for a hug…
and i swear,
the moment i saw
that hopeful smile on your face
it was true.

2. you chose her, you b******.
not that you ever saw me as an option
in the first place.
nope. it was her. her.
and you will kiss her and hug her
and hold hands with her
and intertwine with her,
not me. never me.
and i hate you for that.

3. hours of taylor swift
plus drunken parties
plus some cute guys lips on mine
equals absolution, apparently.
they’ve forgiven me
for falling in love with you.
i’m over you.

& an afterthought.
but if i was…
i wouldn’t be writing this,
would i?


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