February 7, 2011
By , Dalton-in-Furness, United Kingdom
The dark outweighs the light in me,
I can’t escape the shadows anymore.
There are doors in my mind I dare not open.
A heart of ice, a heart of stone,
If it’s been broken once it can be broken twice.
No chance of a reprisal.
I’m just dying to feel alive.
A shock of joy, the weightlessness of ecstasy,
The pain of sorrow, the stab of guilt,
Anything to take away this silent emptiness,
Glass half-empty, glass half-full,
Tears staining this carpet around me,
Nothing, nothing can take me from this solitude.
I’m just dying to feel alive.
Shredded wings and shattered halos haunt me,
Hooded figures and tormented souls guide me onwards,
Twisted dark and cold – my mind has turned,
Nowhere to be found and no need to look,
Hope it but a dream, tears a sad reality,
A void, a black hole, for a heart – no escape,
I’m just dying to feel alive.
Memories are who you were,
Dreams are who you want to become.
The present is who you shall always be.
Trapped in a crowd of identical faces,
Forced back by an army of identical voices,
Judging you, scrutinising and deciding.
I’m just alive to die.

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