Strength of Memories

February 7, 2011
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This mountain hated me,
And today it shook me from its back.
Now I lay in the beautiful, sparkling snow
Cold, and as stiff as a board, waiting.

Positive I broke my wrist as I did when I was young.
My memories make we cringe.
Not sure if the pain is in the past or the present I try to touch it,
Finding I am unable to move I lay there, waiting.

I think of happy times in case I should have no more,
My first kiss, all of those holidays I spent with loved ones.
The warmth I feel in my gut thaws me.
Slightly warmer my muscles relax, laying waiting.

Waiting for what? I don't know,
The roar of a rescue helicopter?
Surely not.
To fall into a peaceful sleep where i lay?
I don't care.
I stop thinking, my mind relaxed, laying, waiting.

Feeling the strength of memories.

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