Picture Perfect

February 13, 2011
The setting was junior high
One unique gym class
Just a girl and a guy

You were that unique girl
A whole new perspective
Shown to me by you, introducing a new world
As I look into your intricate blue eyes
I stand breathless
Like looking into crystal blue skys

To name the qualities I love best
About this beautiful girl
Is truly a demanding test

A smile so luminous
And hair a beautiful blond
Your perfect qualities are numerous

The admirable way you curl your lips
your confident walk,
And the way you move your hips

What stands out is your auspicious mind
As strong as your sense of humor
And your innate ability to be so benign

As beautiful as a blooming rose
Rising beauty to bounds no one knows

By your inspirational intensity, I've been hit
As I struggle with my rising apprehension
To get these fears to acquit
For you are my stunning predilection

It's hard for me to find self- expression
Or the courage to approach you
And your beautiful perfection

You make my heart accelerate
My blood surge through my veins
As my feelings for you begin to accumulate

They say a picture is worth a thousand words
Everyone of you is timeless
Elegant, delicate
Like one thousand birds
As bright and strong as fire
With the power to inspire

Your beauty, truly vivacious
To know you, I'd be most gracious

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