To be with you...

February 6, 2011
As I walk through the halls of school
Or stand waiting for the bus
In the cool morning air
All I think about is you
When I hear your name
It's like angels singing
If I'm lucky to catch a glimpse
Of those mysterious but inviting eyes
My sadness dies
When I see you by your locker
Just collecting your things
As the bell dings its daily chimes
Time's grip on me slows
I feel like nerves send blows to the pit of my stomach
All I want to do is stare
At your beautiful long brown hair
I wish to talk to you
To get an up close view
What would I have to do to be with you
When I hear your voice
Or notice your loving personality
Reality sets in
What would I have to do
To be with you
Girl in the hall
Oh, I wish you’d hear my call.

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