Not Listening

February 3, 2011
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Babysitting little boys
Kicking, Screaming, fighting
Not listening to directions
Not listening to clean up
Not listening to not fight
Not listening to stop snacking
Just not listening
Kicking, screaming, fighting
Every time I get left
I know they want to go out
But they don’t know what goes on
While they’re out
Kicking, screaming, fighting
It’s backwards
They shouldn’t hit and scream at me
Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?
Oh wait did I mention?
I refuse to hit or spank
But what else should I do?
I can scream, yell and cry
But they still don’t listen
Do you know how it feels?
To be yelled at by little boys?
You don’t even want to know
I’m not going to say they’re a mistake
Or that I wish they weren’t here
That would be wishing the worst
Of course I love them
they are
My brothers
Kicking, screaming, fighting
Babysitting little boys

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