Protest to Disrespect

February 10, 2011
By Ambershort PLATINUM, Aberdeen, Maryland
Ambershort PLATINUM, Aberdeen, Maryland
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Alive, are you?
Courtesy: ever heard of it?
Solid screeching words turn into weapons at your lips’ release.
Silence those faults, young ignorance.
Brighten those eyes; you’re much too dull for your own good.
Your pride is quite sickening; your beliefs must make you holy.
God, are you?
Unjust, unruly, unforgivable.
Vow your innocence, brilliance.
Thrust your meaningless apologies unto me; your insults bore holes of solitude.
Please inform me, young resilient.
Your message? Your intent?
Cruel, are they? Are you?
Must I suffer much longer under your tyrant tongue?
Must I lower myself to heighten your façade?
Wilt before my iris, little flower.
Your speech, far from lyrical, is poison.
Pick my poison, you say?
Pick your petals, one by one.
Tighten your smile; try and hide the impact of my rebuke.
Rebuttle. Retaliation.
Melt away, minuscule manikin.
Your deteriorating declarations no longer have the power.
You are not me; therefore I say, fade away.

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