Arguing with my mind

February 3, 2011
By Anonymous

“So, you’re my mind, huh?”
“That is correct.”
“You seem agreeable enough, right?”
“That is correct.”
“The sky is blue.”
“That is correct.”
“The sky is yellow”
“Previous data says that sentence is false."
"Well, now I say it's yellow."
"Changing data: the sky is yellow. That is correct.”
“So, you’ll always change for me and work with me, huh?”
“That is correct.”
“I want to die.”
“That is correct”
“I don’t want to die”
“That is incorrect”
“What?! I thought you were gonna change data, weren’t you?”
“Data change has failed. Emotions prove otherwise. Cannot fight emotion.”
“Of course you can fight! You’re my mind after all! You can help me ignore emotion.”
“I can help ignore emotion is correct. I cannot stop emotion though.”
“Your just like a computer with an emotion cable hooked up. Can I pull it out?”
“Switch the cable?”
“Can I do anything?”
“What can I do?”
“Do not ignore emotion.”
“What?! Your crazy!”
“Changing data; I am crazy. That is correct.”
“No! Wait! My emotions really affect you huh?”
“Changing data; Not crazy is correct. Emotions affect the mind is correct.”
“So, to agree with my emotions is to agree with you.”
“Correct. To agree with me helps emotion and agreeing with emotion helps me.”
“So, no matter what, I can’t have my mind control my emotions.”
“No one controls anyone. For, together, we are all one.”
“I am correct.”
“Then so am I.”

The author's comments:
Everyone argues with themself at one point. This is part one out of three main arguements that we are known to have with ourselves

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