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My Mind More Than My Heart

February 3, 2011
By cra-zshow BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
cra-zshow BRONZE, Lynden, Washington
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inside my mind there's a window
a window which only sees the better
the better talented, the better dressed
i see my friends and what they can do
i envy them because they're seen
i show them my work they say I'm good
my mind says "no I'm not. you are. you've got talent. not me.
i should be bowing down to you
you should be knighted. I'm just me
your hand is so gentle and clean
my hand is rough with scars"

my heart tells me I'm beautiful
but its voice is too soft to reach my ears
they say I'm kind, gentle and funny
they can't read minds
I've got mixed moods
from happy to sad to outgoing rage
but more than anything I'm lonely
the people i love don't want me
when i want a hug the walls are empty
I'm my mind more than my heart
i only see the want
i see talent when i already have it
the looks when all i have to do is look in a mirror
my palms are wrinkled with pain
when i just need to see the heart
I'm my mind more than my heart
my outside more than in

The author's comments:
these past few weeks/months I've been really emotional. sometimes in class i just want to cry from all the commotion. when i had no school i wrote this poem. this is the way i feel.

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