February 5, 2011
By jesse.jay PLATINUM, Kissimmee, Florida
jesse.jay PLATINUM, Kissimmee, Florida
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life goes on

I was hard, cold as ice. My heart was on leave, so no pain did i receive. You came along with your arrogance at its high. I wasn't afraid i thought i could fly by. You captured me and caged me like a wounded bird. You made it come back, my heart returned. I was terrified beyond words, but you didn't care you pushed me until i was cornered. I was forced to feel what i hate most in life. You pretended like you cared and like it was all going to be alright. You built me up until i though i couldn't fall, then you hurt me the worst and left with nothing more than a message to tell i was a mistake. Its OK though you left the cage door unlocked. Soon I'll gain strength to set myself free and all you could do is watch how i fly.

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