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Quietly, dying

February 5, 2011
By BraelynGrimes BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
BraelynGrimes BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
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Darkness encompasses my broken frame,

I’m damaged.

Decomposing down;
I once cradled your mutilated appendages.
The crimson sap of your existence inhabits my walls,
Your intoxicating scent gone stale.

I’m damaged.

Life flourishes around me;
You scream at me, awaiting my departure.
Like you, I too am dead.
Your bones ornament the base of my structure,
They refuse erosion, as if an option.
My weak build succumbs to time, my foundation prevails.
I’m gray,
I’m naked,
I’m numb,

I’m damaged.

The author's comments:
My creative writing teacher asked us to describe a picture so I chose to write about a photo I had taken at a slaughterhouse last spring. This poem is from the perspective of the building itself.

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