I'm not letting go

February 6, 2011
By ToriCordova96 GOLD, Fort Collins, Colorado
ToriCordova96 GOLD, Fort Collins, Colorado
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I bit my tounge and blinked back the tears, and told myself that pain was a step to strength

I love you but I hate you.
This is a battle I cannot win.
My shielded heart has been stabbed
By your swords of lies
My knees are bloody from
falling for you
And my eyes are blinded
From the beautiful mask
you hide over your face.
I'm slowly losing this battle.
Your hands at my throat
All I see is the darkness
surrounded by my fears.
I'm drowning in this water
made by my own pain-filled tears.
I should be dead by now,
but somehow I'm still holding on.
I've got a good grip on your heart
and I'm pulling myself up
as your going down,
I'm holding on tighter.
Your bloody scream
is music to my ears.
You tell me you hate me
and you whisper these
hate-filled words
go ahead pull me down
take me into hell with you
but I promise you,
I'm not letting go.

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