February 3, 2011
By Kenzie Woods SILVER, Park City, Utah
Kenzie Woods SILVER, Park City, Utah
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She sits,
starring at the mirror.
Full of thoughts.
Thinking of her life and her death,
though she can’t quite make these thoughts out.
All she knows is she wants more.
and more.

So she does it, takes more.
It makes her feel good...
then she falls into a black whole.
She cant get out.
The monster has her trapped.

Memories fill her mind with her family, her friends,
who all used to be in her life.
No one exists anymore.
No one knows her, no one thinks about her.
Kaylee’s life is changed.
Now she is gone.

Her sight is blurry.
Tears falling into the sink.
She wants to change, but she can’t,
she has been pulled into the word of darkness,
by the monster.
And there is no way of getting out.

She is confused.
Doesn’t know how she got to this place.
Wishes she could go back.

All she can see in the mirror is a blurry vision of what she hopes is not her.
But it is.
Ugly, Disgusting, Sick, Nasty, and Impossible,
is what she sees.

All Kaylee knows now is she needs to change.
But she can’t escape the monster.
What will she do now?
wait for someone to come around to help her.

She remembers her child hood
when her Daddy would play with her at the park,
and push her on the swing.
Her little yellow dress is blowing so gracefully in the wind.
Her dad is smiling at her, with his beautiful white smile.
She wants to go back.
That memory kills her.
She can’t take it anymore.

But there is,
nothing she can do.
It is too late.

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