Every Day

February 3, 2011
By , Cobden, IL
Every day I wake up,
I thank God,
Even though I know that I don’t really mean it,
That I wish I wouldn’t wake up at all.

Every day I wake up,
I get out of bed,
Get ready,
And prepare myself for hell.

Every day I wake up,
I wish I would die,
That I could just go away,
Because I’ve long ago reached my breaking point.

Every day I wake up,
I find more reasons for me not to exist,
Reasons that will make everyone else happy,
If I just disappeared.

Every day I wake up;
Is another 86,400 seconds that I just add to my already depressed life.
Is another 24 hours of my life that I wish hadn’t happened.
Is another 17 insults I’ve added to my already shattered breaking point.

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