The Stranger

February 3, 2011
Ducking low,
practically crawling
I stumble over the rug.

Praying my dad would come home
and save me from the secrets



Though I dare think of it!

Another knock

and a twist at the door.
Is there going to be a way out of this?

Still hiding behind my couch, I peer at the front door.
I get a glance at his face
looking a different direction.


I don’t think he’s seen me yet but

is that a good thing


a bad thing.

Maybe if I show myself he’ll know to not break in.

But no!
What if he pulled out a gun

and shot me
for knowing his arrival.

If I could just get one second
to run

or hide

or grab a knife

or something!
The pressure thickens and my breathing gets deeper.

Is this the end?

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