His Change

February 5, 2011
By bornfromaboombox BRONZE, Shorewood, Illinois
bornfromaboombox BRONZE, Shorewood, Illinois
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There is something different about this one
A happy go lucky brother and son
Trying to find a place to fit in
Time spent with him is like a heavenly sin
He says he's finally found the one
An angel he said
She shines like the sun
His soul is wounded
His heart has gashes
Yet like a phoenix
He rises from the ashes
Hiding his pain as best as he can
She is the only one he lets in
Gently and sweetly she caresses his mind
It seems to be changing all the time
Little does he know that she must leave
She was just put here to put his mind at ease
She won't disappear
She'll be around
His heart will break when he hears the sound
The sound of her voice
It caressed his mind
It no longer changes all the time
It is now stable and steady
For everything he is now ready
Ready to face any problems that come
Take on the world that will always shun
Shun from its own existence
Thanks to his angel
Thanks to his princess

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