Mystery Spot

February 4, 2011
By Soccergirl15 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
Soccergirl15 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
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Pushing through the tall swaying grass
Stepping over an obstacle course of plant life
No sounds except the chirp-chirping of the crickets

Feet covered with dirt
Letting the new gooey mud sliver between my toes
I keep moving forward
Finally I reach the creek

Frogs everywhere
Minnows in the water
I find the first slippery rock with my foot

Moving to the next rock
Slick with bright green algae

Hopping from rock to rock
Pretending that the water is lava
Each careful step I take I am closer to safety

Back on land
I break into a run
The wind blowing my hair like a blow dryer
Free to wander where ever it wants

My hand reaches up and grabs a branch
Hard and flaking of old age
Stepping up onto another branch
Carved out into the perfect silhouette for my foot

Making my way to the top
Then, I am there

Green all around me
I am in my own world

Thoughts wondering
Here I am happy
It is my
Mystery spot

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