All Up To You

February 2, 2011
I can’t begin to tell you
All the things that past
All you can hope to do
Is trust your memories to last!

Everyday being tardy
Soon becomes your middle name
Teachers act as though they’re hardy
With the way you play your game.

As you go through the year
Look at all you have done
Don’t forget what is dear
And it will all be so fun!

There are times you will wonder
When the year will pass
Things will be in such a blunder
But pay attention in class.

Just try to make it
Day by day
Don’t throw a fit
And it will soon be May.

Remember who you are
Who you want to become
Dream of going far
And have some fun!

Class can be exciting
As you will soon find out
Eventful and igniting
So don’t fret it out.

Everything’s easy
After it’s done
Every battle’s a “cinch”
After it’s won!

School isn’t over
Till the bell has rung
Today is the day
That your chances have just begun.

All hope may seem lost
Expectations set high
But you must pay the cost
Or opportunities will pass you by.

No one can make
Your choices for you
So be all you can be
And make them for you!

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