Future Fire

February 2, 2011
Flames ahead.
Heart beating.
My breathing apparatus wheezing.
Sirens and lights on, paving a path.
A path that could lead to death.

Stop, jump out.
I drag out the hose and run,
Towards the fire with my water gun.
Just like when I was really small.
But now I’m grown and much more tall.

Flames Fading
Fire attack used as our defensive.
I’m directed to start the offensive.
Running up, I crash through the door.
Searching, looking for someone passed out on the floor.

No one present.
This room secure.
But the rest of the house… I was unsure.
So I kept going.
In the hallway, there was little hope of life showing.

Visibility low.
The smoke was thick and black.
Felling safe as I remembered the others were still on fire attack.
Hope were again low.
Should I retreat? No.

There life was.
Lying on the floor,
Barely visible behind the door.
Quickly picking her up, her small hand grabbed mine.
She gasped for air and thanked me. I had come just in time.

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