February 2, 2011
By ChrisDDWalker GOLD, Chaleroi, Pennsylvania
ChrisDDWalker GOLD, Chaleroi, Pennsylvania
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This place holds the darkness in which you thrive
The place where my heart hides frightened
I can’t hide forever
But facing you is hard
I wonder how I can get away
While still staying intact

I walk into a suffering plane
Hiding from my emotional demise,
These wounds unhealing,
These scars are real
Everything around me crumbling to your power

Can’t stand on my own,
I need to deal,
Nothing your doing will become anymore real,
Taking a stand,
With other’s hands,
Unite against those like you,
So you can see your own hatred in you.

The author's comments:
I did this for a project on bullying and I know I liked it myself, but for all those who are being bullied out there, stand up for yourselves and never give up

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