Deserted Circus

February 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Bright canvas trampled
Covered in dirt
Stables neglected
the air full of hurt
What was once full of life
Now lies as a grave
a home for lost dreams
Abandoned enclave.

Colored in bears
Covered in tears
the dying push onward.
Leftover balloons
Looked over baboons
the crying push onward.
Whip on the ground
Flip not around
the flying push onward.
Manes in a knot
Tamers gone forgot
the lions push onward.

Music no longer plays
the records are broken
Talent's left the heart
Off to find work in Hoboken
Flags fall from tents
a final token
And the ringmaster whispers…

the last word spoken.

The author's comments:
An experiment with poetry for my Creative Writing class.

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