January 26, 2011
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Imperfection is the way of the world
with every vision put into the eyes,
of young and misled
children of blind.
Blind to kindness
and blind to truth
blind to everything
unless to people it suits.
Much effort for unsatisfactory acknowledgement
hopelessly forgotten by beautiful things.
try again,
but no happiness will it ever bring.
As age is raised to barely yet a teen
soon enough come the impossible dreams.
more pressure, more hope
more prayers for beauty
Makeup, and polish, and hair tools oh my
what will it take
to give natural a try
though it officially impossible
with imperfection in the eye.
A young girl lusts for beauty
on every chance she gets
to take a further step,
into this world of ours.
Age increases
yet so does intensity
on the battle to become
what is known as “pretty”.
Eighteen or nineteen
still the bottom of the mountain
not nearly the peak
the determination to be beautiful
makes their self esteem so weak.
Yet another example of our imperfection,
the strong and the bold
still stuck in the race
of trying so hard
for a beautiful face.
Years go by
now older than before
but the layers of makeup,
still piled on more.
Not knowing the future
that soon lies ahead,
us girls will do anything
to be as thin as thread.
Once again
imperfection may show
when a friend
a family
a loved one
does not know,
their child
or best friend for years
is starving herself
and drowning in tears.
Must I remind you
these are things we have seen
portrayed on an actress
a model in a magazine.
Once again age elevates
to twenty eight or twenty nine
getting final excitements out
partying with what is left of your time,
being young and beautiful
or so they imply
and still us adolescents wonder why.
why does beauty come natural to them
and us not?
but that is the problem
because of what we are taught,
we believe that pounds of foundation
and hair falsely curled
is what boys find attractive
so we give it a whirl.
Yet proof once again,
that we learn from our elders
what we must look like
in the soon to be future.
As age increases
intelligence too
in hopes to find
a more natural you.
a mother can happily
look in the mirror
and be proud of herself
not shed one tear.
but in the other room,
as her daughter watches TV
pressure is thrust upon her
and she is only 3.
We could count the years
until one chooses to be natural
but even then,
a grandmother
hopes for change.
with wrinkle cream
and eye serum,
no one is aware
that had they worn much less makeup
perfection would be there.
this applies to the girls,
who’s skin is unclear,
with acne and bumps
hoping for a new face to appear.
and then comes more makeup
to cover it up
why can it not be understood
that beauty is underneath
the glitz and the glamour
it is on the inside,
friendship and manners.
Sadly many adults don’t understand,
what we are going through
so they don’t think to give us a hand.
They do not tell us
about natural beauty
but though they do tell us
our complaints are nonsense.
Most do not support
our craving for instruction
instead they let us learn from other highschoolers
and face our destruction.
Yes face,
our face
our body
our place,
we hope to have everything perfect.
but perfect?
what is that,
if one told me I’d laugh,
because perfect is what we would like to achieve
along our path.
Perfect is a state of mind
and I would be
intrigued to find
someone who looked perfect.
Why is it we strive
so hard you may ask?
because like I said,
we believe its our task.
we grow on and on,
comparing ourselves to others,
and you know
much less now than later
that the more natural we are
the perfection is greater.
because we base perfection
on the looks we have seen
though perfection is
the girl who’s not very lean.
perfection is the girl
with a large open heart
and the girl
who is proud of
her natural art.
the art of being beautiful
no matter what she has seen
because she is natural
shining bright like a beam.
so what can it be?
this perfection I ask
and the most simple way
to complete the task
is to be imperfect
in your own beautiful way
because imperfection is perfection
though so hard to say.

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