left behine

January 26, 2011
By noirelle SILVER, Texarkana, Arkansas
noirelle SILVER, Texarkana, Arkansas
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I close my eyes
Sliding down a cold hard wall
not feeling the pain
as the blood flow down my arm
like a smalll waterfall
infusing with cold water
I looked
up and catch
cold empyt eyes stare back at me
my eyes slowy close as
I take the one thing that wil end my life
across my arm yet again
the blood comes
out faster
making a small pudle around me
my eyes slowy close
and i barley got out my
finally breath
as it letf
my moist lips
the only thing remaing is a
girl that was left behind
and a smaill smile
frozen on her unmoving face
as a final tear falls
being left unnotice by all

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