Step UP

January 31, 2011
Life is just another game
To rise up passed the pain
Listen to the haters as they shake their chains
Of jealously cuz of the fame…
I walk upon this earth to show I can withstand
The pushing of fame without money in my hand
With the bullets flying passed my fams
Now I stood up and created my next plans..
I pushed through the thugs and there ways to pull me in
But I moved on because it was christ within
That told me dat move was considered a sin
So I stood high and tossed them in a bin…
Now listen when I say
That quitting isn’t the way
To start a new life by going halfway
You have to step up and shine
Striving on is your goal line…
But sometimes I debate
On how carry on my weight
Of showing that I can’t await
To see how you change your fate….
Im not sayin to walk in my shoes
Im not sayin to try to lose
Im not sayin that your confused
But listen to me so you don’t choose
The wrong path like a bum with his booze
Walkin around without no shoes
Pick the life of friends and not the fools…
People make front of me
Cuz I dying to keep America free
They say it’s a mistake
Cuz the pain I wont be able to take
But if u ever heard someone say dat you cant
Punch’em the face and smashingem like an ant
Tell’em that they are a b****
Cuz he’s the one who twitch
Cuz you swung and didn’t miss
Now move on cuz he cant dis
Move on and convince
Others you can move this bliss
To be the best of the best
Get to take an easy rest
Cuz you know you can beat the life’s game
And… push passed life pain…

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