I am coming home

January 31, 2011
some times i think i may not make it home so this is what i wrote. mama and daddy i love you promise me you wont cry. i save some money in box beneath the rime. if your reading this the chances are i might die. take my medals and pin them on my chest make it known every day i did my very best.

what happened to me mama where did your little girl go. was it because of papa and how our ideas grow. what did i do to deserve this? what happened to the lives i saved? while fighting for my country i lost the very life you gave.

its been a couple days since i singed my life away. in the mail i got my tags. in a few days ill pack my bags and board a train. us marine corps here i come. a letter i wrote mamma don't be sad daddy hold here hand. im not coming home this is what he read. because today im dead. in a wood crate ill come with medals hung upon my chest. mama let it be known that i did my very best when you lay my body to rest. daddy i want you to know the best thing i ever did was go. fighting for my country and saving others lives. marine corps here i come.

one of the things you taught me was not to be afraid of death but to live life like your going to die tomorrow. i fallowed that advice up to this very day. it makes life so much easier. all i want you to know is how much i love you and that some day when you realize that i might be gone. loving you has made me stronger. the pain you have caused me by loving someone else has taut me not to feel the pains full effects, and with out pain i don't know if my heart is dead yet. your not just my best friend any more so many times l have said i love you but the only time it feels true is when i say it to you. if i have to prove i love you i will. if dieing for you or weighting for you will show you ill make it happen. and if hurting me solves the problem hers the knife kill me now, depression only hurts so long before numbness takes over, i don't want to go back. so today im living like death will come tomorrow putting everything on the line. but you cant do that your scared to live life, your scared you'll hurt me. the only way to get over your fears is to conker them and prove that it wont happen. but that's not what your doing. drinking everything away only helps till your sober and it all comes back later. life is to short to live in regret so when im dead and gone you'll never forget the main and suffering i caused myself. my tears come down as rain while my body is being drained and your biggest fears come true by protecting me you hurt me by saving me you stabled me. but your biggest fear is no where near mine. my biggest fear is that all of this is true.

why? why dose the snow fall? why do we fall in love? the question is not why but how? we know how snow falls but love is a different question. love is unpredictable, constantly changing. some times its true some times it dose not work out. but what i know is true im falling in love with you.

if your reading this theirs no way I'm coming home. im trying not to cry. mama im not in pain the fear im trying to hied. i knew this day would come at home i thought id be but i die fighting for my country. now take my medals and tell my babe. i saved a lot of lives iv been shot clean through and to night all ill dream about you. on the other side ill weight till you come to me because i know my baby will die fighting for his country standing next to me. tell daddy that i love him that ill never let him go for some day ill be coming home.

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Crimson_Tears said...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 11:40 pm
Im starting to get a feeling for your writing style.. I like how they tell a story. not really a poem or a regular story. still emotional and well written. Reminds me of how Eminem writes some of his songs. Well written
CheyMJonas replied...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 11:50 pm
thank you and i write about my life and the things i have to go thou
Charlie131 replied...
Sept. 2, 2011 at 12:10 pm
I really love how your telling a story, this has opend my eyes more, to different styles, like some of your other pieces, well done!!! xxx
CheyMJonas replied...
Sept. 3, 2011 at 7:20 pm
Thank you.
Dark_Mind replied...
Sept. 27, 2011 at 9:01 pm
I loved the feel of this story.
CheyMJonas replied...
Sept. 28, 2011 at 9:15 am
Thanks:) I wrote it for my cuz's husband he is the war and i have friends that are in the war as well i just wish then home but not dead.
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