January 29, 2011
By Gemini_Twinz BRONZE, Branchport, New York
Gemini_Twinz BRONZE, Branchport, New York
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The heart of a lion
With the wisdom of the owl, falling foes with a single scowl.
Cunning as a fox, yet slippery as a snake, from any trap you can escape.
Ears like a rabbit and nose like a hound, easily detecting smell and sound.
The soul of a bird, wanting to be free
Yet the instinct of the wolf ties you to this tree.
Oh, if only you were more like me.
Softly swaying in the breeze, enjoying my life amidst the trees.
Silent nights, staring up at the moon then sleeping the day far past noun.
I admire you so, you fearless warrior
Yet to take all the glory or
Now that is something I could never do
Because you see it is me who longs to be

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