The Outcome of Eavesdropping

January 31, 2011
I remember that aging woman
demanding her coffee,
with no cream, but "crem"
and the dreams within my R.E.M.
colored my mind with her conversation.
I was slipping into sleep,
counting sheep- one, two, three...
-coffees with cream or "crem"
for Agnes, Frank and Rae-Anne.
I layed on that sand for hours
with no music in my ears
besides the family by me listing their fears
about how the water was creeping closer.
Closer and closer it crept throughout the day
until it dragged that family away
so I could only hear the sounds of the waves,
and not the irritating sound of
Frank telling Rae-Anne to "chillax"
or Agnes b****ing about her cellulite.
Eventually the clouds in my mind dissolved
and I awoke to see Agnes's problems were solved,
sipping her coffee but not enjoying it a bit
because Frank forgot the sugar.

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