January 31, 2011
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Dark well of hopes downcast
Years that go way too fast
Love is supposed to last

Echoes of deep sorrow
Painful screech of a crow
Dreading all tomorrow

Beating of my heart
If only yours could start

All the pain is lifting
I go through the feelings, gently sifting

Away the emptiness
Of my old days of bliss
Everything now, is so serious

Broken sleep matches broken heart
If only yours could start

Never knowing
What’s showing

Under a nightmare spell
Falling down a well

Freak accident
Equals what was meant

No one to blame
We all feel the same

Love is strong
Lasting ever long
Yet we feel all the wrong

Of what we should have never done
The fights we should have let them won
Cause now we’re here and they’re gone

Blinding light at a tunnels end
Many cries as people send
Up goodbyes to a friend

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