The Words

January 30, 2011
By speech.write.crazy GOLD, Bailey, Colorado
speech.write.crazy GOLD, Bailey, Colorado
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"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can. Go for it and don't look back, go for things with your whole heart."

I don’t know how to get my words on paper
Every time I think I have them sorted out
The rhythm changes
I just want my soul to speak
To let out its inner being
To let the world see who I am
But the words
The words
They haunt me
The beauty of them
I want them to scream out
To reveal who I am
But I’m scared the beat will change
That the symphony will stop
And I don’t know how to confess who I am
The words won’t let me be
But they won’t be unleashed either
Are the words worth the agony?
Can my heart be tamed?
Why won’t the words flow onto the paper?
Like an orchestra of notes
Singing and dancing
To the souls of others
Or is it only my soul that will be tormented?
But the words
The words
They’re more than a song
They’re more than a thought
They are me
But then why can’t I walk the words onto the page?
Show them the way
The way to calm my mind
Is this what I get for not letting anyone in?
Do I have to face this because I don’t let people read my mind?
But they would read my mind if they saw the words
The words
Stop taunting me!
Let me be at peace
But what would I be without the words?
The words of me
Let them crawl onto the paper
Let them feast upon my mind
May the thoughts devour me
May my being crinkle like a fallen rose
For these words must be spoken
If not by me
Then by the words themselves
Let my words let dreams fly
May my broken flower be lifted
And the orchestras begin
For the words will hit the paper
Let me breathe again
For the words
The words
May they hit the paper like a fire blazes in the heavens
Like an ocean untamed
Allow them to reach for the stars
And fly on wings
May they kiss the ground
And be a friend to all
For my words
The words
The words of an aching heart
Just wanting an ear
May they be heard
For all to hear
So start flowing dear words
Like a raging river
Flow to all the land
Feel the notes you sing
And pour onto the page
Your laugh will be the reason
And your tears the how
May you rejoice in the suffering
For you’re my words
The words
The words of my soul

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