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Memories Remain

January 25, 2011
By LauraAshley SILVER, Phenix City, Alabama
LauraAshley SILVER, Phenix City, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
"Anything Beautiful is easily Lost"-Unknown

I was five?
When you taught me how
To read and write.
Filled with day dreams
And endless hype.
Hours spent teaching me
The difference between
The north and south Dakotas.
Time passes, but those
Memories remain.
Like the day we pretended
To be vampires, or when I
Remained a princess?
Always beautiful in your sight.

I was twelve?
When you still managed to
Be my best friend.
Filled with the eagerness to
Embrace Life’s fight.
And hours spent trying to teach me
I don’t understand all
That I think I do.
Time passes, but those
Memories remain.
Like the days I cried in your
Open arms, or when I
Simply laughed?
Knowing it would all be okay.

Today I am Seventeen?
Feeling like thirty-five
When the fear of losing
You creeps into mind.
But I remember
Time passes, but those
Memories remain.
I can always be the frustrated
Five year old,
Or the vampire-princess.
And you can always be my
Best friend because
Time passes away, but the
Memories always remain.

The author's comments:
This was written after finding out my grandmother has cancer. I hope by reading this people can remember all those memories from the ones they have lost, or who may lose. Remember, Time passes away but the memories alwasy remain.

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