January 28, 2011
Do you hear the well-known sound?
Of the dusk that is coming, the adventure is just starting!
Standing on a hill, seeing without bound
Laugh and look at the horizon for the sun is shining
The infusion of crimson and golden tell a great tale
Of the memories once forgotten through the passing days
The night starts to sing its melodies without fail
Red, yellow, and orange rays…
Shine on the future with no hesitation.
Trying to remember, but I realize I’m just chasing shadows of nothing.
This feeling was an unusual sensation…
It was old and new, obvious yet surprising.
The sunset had vanished.
The magic was gone.
The fire was extinguished.
The day was done.
The colorful zephyrs still carried the nostalgia through the air.
I took the first step toward the uncertain nebulous
Intimidating the abyss with an overpowering stare.
I was careful not to fall over the tempting precipice.
Though I knew full well that every step was just as hard as the first.
The journey was difficult and the challenges were innumerable.
But I just couldn’t deny this thirst!
The joy surrounding me was immeasurable.
So I walked on knowing that the sun would rise again.

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