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January 28, 2011
By Gabsterr. SILVER, Mechanicsville, Maryland
Gabsterr. SILVER, Mechanicsville, Maryland
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"To fear love is to fear life itself; and those who fear life are already three parts dead" - Bertrand Russell.

I slam the doors on righteousness and wickedness,
love and hate.
Truth and lies,
repentance and sins.
I am nothing more than a blank canvas;
devoid of emotion,
devoid of right and wrong.
Morals no longer exist,
I am the rightful owner to vacancy;
no tears will ever again escape these eyes,
no laughter from these lips.
Never a meaningful beat of the heart,
nor a compelling breath from the lungs.
I am nonexistent inside and it reigns it's supremacy throughout my body.
I no longer consist of the materials the rest of you do;
all I am is flesh and incoherent thoughts.
Be me if you dare.

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