start thinking straight please

February 2, 2011
By , philadelphia, PA
The dark is coming to a near
what i though was close has fallen my dear
you think you love me but I've heard this before
you think you do but your not for sure
why do you get scared and run away
you leave me a heart broken and leave me astray
why cant we just stay together
forever we've got to make things better
right now I've got you to hold my hand
to lay next to me, to help me stand
why cant we just get along
were perfectly fine I'm standing strong
I'm sorry if we cant work things out
but i don't want to fight i don't want to shout
if leaving you is what it takes to make you see
to make you want me to make you love me
then I'll do it just to be back in your arms
theres no doubt i will cry and theres no doubt i will die
maybe if you took the time to see the girl i am
instead of the girl i was things would get better for you and me
you'd stop doing drugs and id stop to see
that the man i love isn't a loser at all
he's a misled teenager that i wish would stand tall
and if i ever do see him again
i want him to remember the thing that he said
"for you i will stop drinking, stop the ciggs and the weed
i will go back to school so its not a loser you see
its the man that you love and your the women i adore
I'm sorry Ive shut you out but now our love will stay pure for ever and more <3

I love you baby please get your head on straight id do anything just to be in your arms again

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