The Weakness of a Persona

February 4, 2011
By Persona_Rae BRONZE, Jackson, Mississippi
Persona_Rae BRONZE, Jackson, Mississippi
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I Stopped in the hallway today...
Realizing I had no "true" destination, no hesitation.

All the people like me had disappeared,uncharted on a map,which led me to no course.
With walking being a pain-killer- a pain-killer for my remorse. Because I am walking forward, leaving the past behind.
Now my body is facing that way-
in the direction that will soon stop time. And i have the right to think about- the cold winter days, but my mind is stuck in traffic of thoughts, and the memories in my heart are - delayed.
Why am I hear today? No one has come to see me, I am just standing there... how useless can I be? just a broken branch on- a snow bound tree.
I've been mad for a while, trying to see how cold I could be. And I tried to ignore my friends,because they can't -sympathize-.
That maybe one bad day, can lead to my -demise-.Yet when it came, the time where all was still- I wasn't ready to go, the pressure to do it was -unreal. But I could not do it- for I can still feel...I was scared.The weakness-the one true weakness of a persona.

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