You're different

January 28, 2011
By Anonymous

I see you looking at me from across the room,
As I can feel your eyes linger on my face.
I hear the silent plea that your heart sends out to mine,
As I hear my heart flutter as your mouth spreads into a smile.
There is an air of magnificence about you,
I can’t help but stare at your exquisite form,
From the way you walk in and present yourself, tells me so much about your character,
To those hypnotizing green eyes that call my name and make me wonder,
From your maleness in all the right places,
To your working fingers that I wish would caress me.
Everything about you screams confidence,
From the set of your broad shoulders,
To your lean narrow manly hips,
From the way you grin like you know something the rest of the world doesn’t,
To that old wise soul within you.
See I want you,
Not to just physically caress you and let you take me to new heights of pleasure like I know you can,
But to mentally fuse my intelligence with yours to create new unattainable levels of critical awareness,
I want the fire burning in me for you to consume and rebirth us as a single unit,
I want to watch you crumble with want so I can build you back up with satisfaction,
But the simple fact of the matter is, I can’t have you,
See, your mind sees me as a child but your body sings a different song,
I can see the shock in your eyes as lust and passion stir up in you as you look at me,
I know I am a temptation to you as I am for many men,
But you’re different,
You’re my desire,
A prize that I feel I have to win,
I want to hold your head in my lap and tell you it’s going to be fine,
Reassure you that I’m a woman and not a child,
But you seem to want to push me away and let society dictate your desire,
I know I’m young, But too young for you,
I don’t think so…

The author's comments:
He inspires me in many ways.

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