Porcelain Doll

January 24, 2011
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With the face of an angel she sits and dreams,
Without inkling as to how beautiful she truly is.
With the strength of a fighter and a bandaged heart she faces each day as it comes.

Her shield is large and strong, and she tends to build a wall to others.
She only lets the lucky ones in, in hopes that her paper heart will not be broken again.
No one knows the challenges she faces; the battles going on in her head

Her head knows the truth, but her heart will not let her give up.
Behind her brave eyes, lies a pool of tears;
Tears of hurt, tears of joy, tears of betrayal, tears of love.

Behind her valiant façade, is a child, hurt and betrayed looking for someone to believe in

Those who think they know every detail of her life have only scratched the surface,
With no idea of who she really is.

She strives to make others proud, to feel beautiful, truly beautiful
To her, life is not black and white;
She sees the beauty in others and strives to make them happy
She treasures the smiles she creates, and the warmth of love shown towards her.

She will go through her life like a doll, silent and beautiful.

Her secrets will remain close to her heart; she will slowly break down her wall.
Maybe someday this beauty will realize all of the heads she turns; the way she shines

Maybe she will realize the love that others have for her.
Maybe, someday, she will realize that she always has been, and always will be, loved.

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