Meeting Jesus

January 28, 2011
By AllForJesus BRONZE, ?, Texas
AllForJesus BRONZE, ?, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

No one even blinks
Screaming at the top of my lungs
What could be wrong?
The last thing I remember
Is going under the water
Proclaiming my faith to everyone
I test my voice one more time
I put a hand to my throat
No sound is coming out
Did someone put me on mute?
Did everyone put their headphones in?
Can no one hear me?
I frantically wave my arms about
My message must be heard!
Still, no one notices
I search for someone, anyone
Who can see me, hear me
Finally, an old man stops me
Asks what all this is about
A sigh of relief escapes me
I begin my story:
I live in a terrible, blackened world
Where everyone makes mistakes
Everyone displeases God.
I grow up going to church
But I don’t really think about God
Then! Someone tells me
“Don’t you know God’s son, Jesus,
came to Earth, lived a perfect life
and died, DIED! so that YOU! can be
pleasing and acceptable to God?
He saved us all of us, everyone
from having to go to Hell when we die.”
All you have to do, I tell the old man,
is admit that you are a sinner,
believe that Jesus died for your sins,
and confess that He is your Lord and Savior.
What all this means is that
When God looks from Heaven
He doesn’t see you
He sees Jesus in you.
You will also have a new job.
You get to tell people
About the amazing thing in your life
Jesus Christ.
It might seem like you
are not heard,
but maybe, the right person
just isn’t listening.
The old man looked at me
tears streaming down his face
“I’ve been searching all my life
for something to make sense.
I tried many things
But nothing worked.
Now I feel something in me
telling me this is right.
I am a sinner. I have pushed away
Everyone who loves me.
I need Jesus in my life.
I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins
I want Him to be Lord and Savior.
Jesus, please come into my life.
Save me from myself.”
The man was on his knees, crying.
I cried with him as I said
“Jesus gives you the strength to do anything.
Go share your message with the world.”
Then I felt like no one could hear me
As I searched for one more person
Who would listen.

The author's comments:
Ok, so this is my first... tell me what you think! Going pictureless...
God Bless!!! :D

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