Consumed by flames

January 24, 2011
By shadowknight BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
shadowknight BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Is what I see truly there?
This way of life aches me.
This life, this world
Fuels something inside me
Like a bonfire on a dark August night.
The sight of what it has become makes me quiver
The intense brightness of the flames
Blinds what’s left of my better judgment.
People with blank faces come and go,
They feed the beast only to extend its undying hunger.
The flames flow and dance spiral and twirl
To the eloquent theme of music.
Loved between natural laws, of causes and creation.
But with a hidden purpose there.
Hidden from the glimmer of evil eyes.
Hidden from the destruction
The flames grow higher and wilder.
The heat blast past me in a rage
Threatening me, about to consume,
My very being.
Threaten to destroy all the beauty surrounding me.
But soon a clash of high powers
That have undergone the world before, shall rise
The rolling lightning and weary thunder
Spark the air all around me like an inferno.
With dense clouds of sorrow falling overhead.
Dropping a precious rain saddened
To an icy chill struck with a drop
Of forgotten tears nestled
In their falling beds.
Cries and whines can be heard from the falling slumber
The sadden rain pools into calm watery graves
Intended for the restless beast of flames.
That I fight with each and every day
The cooling tears from above splash around into the fire.
The flames fight back the onslaught of sadness
Hoping there fury wont be doused out
But the battle is lost and there is just a faint crack
And a boom left in the night of the fires reign.
The flames are gone and a weight is lifted from me.
The time is fair and joyous.
But this shall fade by tomorrows night
For the flame sparks up with rage once more,
And it starts all over again.
On that cool dark August night.

The author's comments:
this piece is about the rage and hate that grows inside me when people act stupid or cause my pain in emotional way or physical. and how somethings can cause me to lose myself and feel happy to be alive.

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