Breaking the Habit

January 30, 2011
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Daddy come here, look the sun shines so brightly,
Child wait for a minute my head is aching madly.
Last night I had just too much to drink,
Daddy the lemonade is beside the sink.

Daddy come let's go and play,
Wait a minute child I haven't smoked all day.
Just one cigarette and I will be right there,
Running away to the meadows she wondered, he would come if he cares.

Daddy wake up it's Christmas morning,
We have gifts to open and breakfast to cook.
Wait one second dear let me get off these party shoes.
Snatching a pack of smoke he makes his way downstairs,
The Christmas spirit is drowned by the stench he bares.

She hands him coffee yet he eyes the liquor bottle,
Heaving a sigh she presents him the bottle.
As the days pass and the schools are on.
One day he hears a cry at the crack of a dawn.

Daddy dear please come here,
Silence falls and pierces through the house,
As the father comes running short out of breath,
Alarmed by the scene of her daughter half dead.

Moving through screeching noise of the ambulance,
He sees her broken kite lying on the fence.
Weeping and praying he asks the doctor what is wrong.
The doctor says the lyrics of the forgetful sound.

She has lung failure and we have detected cancer,
The words sounded similar like the advice his doctor had given.
He looks at the pack of cigarette, and reaches for a smoke.
Today instead of taking it he crushes them and chokes.

His daughter lies feebly on the hospital bed,
And as he comes closer a whisper blessing is said.
He apologizes and breaks into thousand tears,
I swear never to smoke, I promise you my dear.

Daddy don't be sorry I am entering an invisibility cloak.
Daddy I am rising above just like your cigarette smoke.

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