"Hide and Seek"

January 26, 2011
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When you look at us one by one
You will see
Many pairs of eyes to look into
Hands to hold
Mouths to kiss
Minds to read
Hearts to discover
and souls waiting to become one with another

Each hiding lots of lies
and seeing how often she truely cries
Many doubts and infinate fears
Waiting to be held by a stronger, glowing soul

But you will also see
how much you meant to me
and our greatest hopes
and deepest wishes
Silently witing to be found

You will see
we are a game
of Hide and seek

For we are afraid of hurting others
But more afraid of others hurting us

But behind all of the confusion
there is the simple wanting of finding that person
Who doesn't hurt us
and holds us when we cry
Kisses us in the pouring rain
and tells us we are beautiful even with no make-up on
Kisses our foreheads
and calls us back when we hang up on them
Who stays awake just to watch us sleep
and the one who is worth our tears but won't make us cry

And to be this one
you must beat our game of
Hide and Seek

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