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That Girl

January 26, 2011
By SyddieG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
SyddieG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Just keep asking why. You'll have your answer when they can't answer any more."

I'm that girl
Don't you remember me?
I'm <i>that</i> girl.

The one you bumped into
Just the other day
You didn't get a good look at her face
Too busy trying to make that movie
(Was your ice coffee worth the rush?)

I'm the girl
The one you don't notice
I don't blend into the background
I just don't stick out

I'm the one
Who made you laugh that one time
Not too hard
For you would have retold the story to your friends
And not with a brilliant joke.
You would have retold that too.

Just an innocent enough
Forgettable enough
Plain old chuckle.
(Do you finally get it?)

I am average.
Maybe slightly above
You wouldn't know
You don't even know the color of my eyes.

Even though we spent minutes
That felt like hours
Together in an elevator
Just staring at each other

Would you notice
If I bumped into you again?
If our paths were called upon
To 'X' once more?

Would you realize
That the girl who just walked past
Is someone you saw
Laughed with before?

I am that girl
Who passes unnoticed,
Noticing everything that passes.

The girl of no importance.
A fading faint memory,
With a dreamlike difficulty of remembering.

Slipping through
The fingers of your mind
Like trying to grasp
Sun-kissed, sun-dried sand.

I am the girl
The one that no one cares about
That no one knows
That no one remembers
That no one can place their greasy fingers on.

Showing myself for the most fleeting of moments.

Don't feel bad.
Well, if you must, you must.
It's okay.
While it really shouldn't be.

You're not alone
You're not the only one.
I pass by many people
I touch many lives.

But that's just fine.

Because I'm not alone.
I'm not the only one.
There's other girls
Who walk by too
(And boys, I guess)

So it's just fine.
And I'm not alone.

Go on, live your life
Keep on not paying attention
To the person that just passed by

Let that laugh
Slip out of your memory

Let that girl
Stay in the elevator

And sure,
You can leave that
Bumped-into girl
On the sidewalk,
In the dust
(You shouldn't, really)

Because, guess what?
We invisibles are okay too.

The author's comments:
I think that everyone feels like this sometimes. We all have been on BOTH sides of that glass window. I've been bumped in and I've forgotten faces too. No one is innocent, but I don't think anybody is guilty. Because we've all been that guy or that girl.

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