January 24, 2011
By TheBandGeek BRONZE, Carver, Minnesota
TheBandGeek BRONZE, Carver, Minnesota
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A scream in the night, a gasp in the dark
Fears, tears and pain mixed into one moment, one emotion

You run and you claw at the reality of your destruction as the cold hands of death gently caress your mortality

“Don’t be afraid,” it whispers softly in your ear while its hold on your life gets stronger

Your eyes roll back, your body goes limp and the images of life’s past fly by taunting your existence but beckoning your return

“Don’t leave me,” you whimper as your memories slip away leaving a blackness as chilling as death itself

You feel it’s breath on your neck as it burns and soothes the skin of the dying and coaxes out the soul

“What are you afraid of? Death? Or is it what lies after death? Your judgment? What have you done to be judged?”

You see pictures of the pearly gates opening in front of you then watch as they slam shut before you can enter

Suddenly it is there asking, “What are you afraid of? What have you done to be judged?”

It’s nearer, climbing down your neck, resting in your arms softly counting your last breaths

One last memory flicks through your mind, the safe sensation of security as your mother tucked you in the night before

“It’s time to go,” it says breaking through your last shred of hope that this is just a dream
Finally understanding there is no way out you let it consume what little life you have left

With a little smile it takes your hand and leads you to…

A scream in the night, a gasp in the dark
What are you afraid of?

The author's comments:
I wrote to describe a child's nightmare.

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