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January 25, 2011
By arizonacutie1221 GOLD, Portland, Oregon
arizonacutie1221 GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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- unknown

I’m high above the ground
Being carried away
From everything I have known
They say that this is good for me
That I can visit
Like snow does
Every year
Only visits
But never stays
I’m like snow
And then I remember
I hate snow
It’s too cold
And yet
It is the perfect analogy
Snow is falling right now
But we are too high up
To be affected by it
The clouds are swirling
Like they always do
They seem menacing
But I am protected
By the hard exterior
Sitting safely
Next to them
The people that ruined my life
Tore me from happiness
Making me a stranger
For that is something
I have never been
They say that I need this
That it is vital
It’s for my own safety
It was a mistake
Why couldn’t they see that?
It wasn’t even my fault
And yet I know it is
Deep down
I’m doing this for them
Putting on a show
They ask if I want anything to drink
I don’t respond
They don’t deserve an answer
I feel like I’m falling
Into a dark abyss
And I can never come out
Just like snow
That melts
As the sun rises
On the first day of spring
I feel like
I will
As the sun shines

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