Surreal Illusions

January 25, 2011
By ArabQuest SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
ArabQuest SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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Why gullibility follow an allusion?
As the dark blue sky gaze,
The sweet talk of the wind
Float in the air,
As the amplify laughter of the birds
Continues to spread,
Horse’s hair flips,
The luminous moon
Shines in the night,
Jumpy chill races
Through the spine
The cleansing waterfall
Rejuvenates the sole,
Chit chat of nonsense
Lessens up the stress

Why gullibility follow an allusion?
A Maze of confusion
Makes the mind and heart
Abandons and circle,
Dizzy and hopeless--
Mischievous silliness
Zaps away the reason--
Making stupid mistakes
Resentment of actions,
Abundant of perfection of dolls
Mythical of satisfaction,
Illusions seemed so real
Seemed too close to reality,
But it’s all just a fantasy
To fasten to entity

The author's comments:
I would like people to read it, and tell me their interpretation about it.

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