Just a Boy

January 25, 2011
I can see the way he hurts and I can hear the pain in his voice even if no one else can, not that anyone cares why should they he’s just a boy

He is trying so hard to fit in but when he hears what they say about him and the way they treat him he knows his efforts aren’t enough, than he begins to wonder and he thinks to himself “why, why do they hate me?”Some build him up just so they can tear him down, some pretend to be his friend just so they can hurt him from the inside, some are not even civil towards him, the rest call him names just because they like to watch him suffer he still doesn’t understand why, He doesn’t understand how people could be so cruel, so he sits at home sad and on his own, scared of always being cast asideHe crises all alone because he’s got no one to comfort him, he wants to something, something other than hatred and now his hurt turns to courage and strength and then into a promise he makes to himself …He will never let them push him behind again, he will stand up for his beliefs and I wont back down, he has decided that he will never take another beating even though he’s so small, He soon learns theres not much he can do after all he’s just a boyThe abuse continues and even got worse and all that courage becomes rage, he can’t help but hate everyone who has ever made him feel helpless, he cant sleep at night because all he can hear is the names and the laughing and this makes him angryNow he is older, he is no longer a small boy but a young tortured adolescent and he now has a choice to make, how should he handle the demons that taunt him and control his life, he thinks for a while and then comes to a decision in the middle of his nightmare, he knows what he wants to do he feels this is the only way to have peace within himself As his night ends he is already at the door pacing and rethinking but he doesn’t change his mind he knows what he is going to do, he looses himself in his thoughts as he travels down the road, just thinking of what he’s about to do and savoring the feeling of strength as he regains clarity he notices he is where he wanted to be This is what he’s waited for, he’s is going to get his revenge on all of themHe now withdraws into a place within himself, the place where he can find just enough courage and strength to do what he feels must be doneNow he sees them and with his cracking voice he confronts his demons the ones who have tortured him for so long, he begins speaking to them begging for acceptance one last time and with his swollen eyes he stares into their vacant expressions and knows they are not listening to his cries so he becomes angry and starts to yell as he tells the of the pain they have caused himThey laugh in his faceThey act as if he doesn’t matterHe continues his rant only a little bit louder and at an angrier pace, he explains how they have wronged him and they must pay for what they have done to him and now they understand his pleadingThey know he is serious and now they are rightfully scared, he holds the power in his empty hands, his rage boils over and he screams at them one last time“I hate you and I wish you would die!”These words that were spoken came straight from the boys heart, he raises his hand which is no longer empty and a single tear streaming down to his cheek, they try to apologize but its already to late and with the slightest move of his finger and a tiny smile they pay their price, now he’s standing and staring he is pleased within himself, and proceeds to take his own Life……

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