January 23, 2011
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Death. It’s a natural part of life-
So why is it so hard to accept?
Why do we try to hold on to those we’ve lost;
fight and to struggle against the reality that they’re gone,
and won’t be coming back?
It would be so much easier to let go.
To ignore the pain and the loss,
to lay back and drift along in a stream of numb emptiness-
void off all emotion.
To ignore.
But ignoring something doesn’t make it go away-
Does it?
No, it is better to accept, to greet death
With an optemistic view.
Because not to not acknowledge death
Is to not acknowledge life.
Death should be a celebration,
A recognition that a life was lived.
It came-
And passed-
With all those moments in-between.
Laughing and crying.
Joy and sadness.
Life is living,
Even though it’s sometimes difficult,
Its an adventure,
A journey,
An experience.
But everything ends eventually.
And when it does it’s a bittersweet moment.
It’s a time to celebrate
And mourn.
A time to move on,
And a time to remember.
But most importantly,
It’s a time to live your own life,
But rejoice the passing of others.

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