Run To Me, Heat

January 22, 2011
By myp4ntsrt1ght BRONZE, Shelton, Connecticut
myp4ntsrt1ght BRONZE, Shelton, Connecticut
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It’s a little cold
Here and now
I desire that it gets warmer,
Soon enough,
It’s still pretty brisk
My eyes, they tear
The frost bites my sight
Blowing on my face

I want to feel the star heat my body
Through my thin dress, and on my bare feet
My skin should burn to a golden hue
My hair should shine bright and flow when I run

The chills should quit saving the snow on the ground
So I can lay in the grass,
Fresh and alive,
And feel it tickle my hands and face.

Glance at me, summer
So that I can smile even when I’m alone
Sway my hand and spin me around
Even if you bring me rain
I’ll dance in high heels and perfect hair

Show off your brilliance, summer
Spread your renaissance clouds over my sky
Pour humidity into my mind, summer
Give vexatious aches to my head
I don’t mind so much
In the end it’s worth having you around for all else,

The author's comments:
Even this year, I am counting down the days until school remains on the bottom of my list of priorities, and I can finally enjoy the summer sun. I wrote this piece about a year ago' but it's still one of my favorites, especially now, during the constant blizzards over my head.

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