no cosequences for my actions

January 26, 2011
no judgement for my actions
cause the consequences will be worst than the words of truth that you speak to me
cause i already know that they are right
but i don't want to hear them
cause there to hard to understand
you speak so fast
but they reach my mind slowly
but your not a pro
invincible mind sight shut you down slowly
put a sound of blindness in your crown
just to see you frown
just like a clown
but you cant judge me for my actions
cause the consequences will be worse than your rant
so stop trying to judge me
cause I'm only human
I'm not perfect and i bruise easily
I'm in a hurry
to reach the stars
to be abroad
I'm back from the moon cause you tried to shoot me down
but it didn't happen
yet still i rise through the shadows
with hope still in my life
you can see it in my eyes
yes you better believe that I'm gone shine so brightly

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